• The Wisp

    The “Wisp” is power on the go or backup power supply in emergency situations.  It is a 15 Watt unit used to power and charge small electronic devices or run LED lighting. The “Wisp” delivers power to any electronic device that uses standard USB for operation.  With a packaged length of 14″, a diameter of 3″, […] Read More ��

  • The Breeze

    The Breeze is designed for small villages and campsites.  The “Breeze” is a slightly larger unit with a similar design to the “Wisp”. The Breeze is a 100 Watt unit that is used to charge and supply power via a standard 12 volt outlet and standard USB. With a packaged length of 22″ and a […] Read More ��

  • Pre-Order WindPax

    We are no longer accepting pre-orders, WindPax will be available at a retailer near you soon! Read More ��