Using WindPax Portable Wind Turbines

WindPax Portable Wind Turbines provide an economical and environmentally-friendly supply of power for a wide range of uses.

  • Third World Countries

    Energy poverty in developing countries will see the greatest impact from Windpax.  Over 1.5 billion people live without electricity and small luxuries such as lighting.  With power grid systems to expensive to implement,  bottom-up solutions using renewable energies are required.  Windpax, along with solar power, can dramatically improve this energy problem and bring lighting and other luxuries to those in need.

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    Remote Areas

    Windpax can be used anywhere to power electronics, lighting, etc.  Remote cabins, campsites, and work sites can run lighting or run and charge electronic devices. They are perfect for providing a reliable powersupply for any type of outdoor recreation.

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    Emergency Preparation/Situations

    Natural disasters can destroy and disable the power grid on which many rely.  This can present many safety issues and can lead to a lack of communication and rescue.  The proposed use for “WindPax” are to be able to drop collapsible wind turbines in to areas in need and provide enough electricity for communication and other commodities.

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    The increasing reliance on electronics and battery storage has made the ability to charge devices critical to maintaining the effectiveness in the field. Currently extra battery storage is used to provide this power but can pose problems during long missions and unintended scenarios. Therefore, a portable energy producing/storage device is needed.